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Farming is still a significant contribution to our national economy.

A CENTURY AGO, one out of every three US workers worked in agriculture. Today, the number is less than one out of 50.  But, in the face of this staggering decline, productivity has increased spectacularly.  When early 20th century dairies produced milk by hand, it took two workers 7.5 minutes to milk a single cow. In the modern dairy, a single worker hits a button on a machine. The machine milks 10 cows in 7.5 minutes… less than a minute per cow, no men required.

In the fields, the story is the same…

Back in 1890, producing 100 bushels of wheat required five acres of land. Planting and harvesting required 40-50 hours of labor. The workers used manually powered machines consisting of gang plows, harrows, binders, threshers, and wagons. A century later, thanks mostly to mechanization, producing that same 100 bushels of wheat required just three acres of land. Labour was reduced to three hours. Fossil fuel powered machines like tractors, combines, and trucks replaced the old, manually powered equipment.  Then, as the 20th century gave way to the 21st, manufacturers started adding more sophisticated crop-specific technology to their machines.  All of these advances – and some of them, like the use of GMOs, hotly debated – were made with an eye towards offering farmers new ways to increase crop yields (how much of a crop a given amount of land can produce). It is the most critical factor for farmers as they work not only to sustain their farms, but also to make them more profitable.  Now, something called “prescriptive farming” is becoming commonplace. Sensors in fields are providing machines with real-time data so they can constantly adjust planting and fertilization for the best yields.  Soon flying drones will provide farmers with clues about everything from moisture levels and soil content to hideouts for pests.  With such technology, farmers are harvesting and growing crops faster and more efficiently than ever.  Two years ago, the state of Oregon’s wheat farmers grew 73 million bushels of wheat on 965,000 acres… 100 bushels on every 1.3 acres.

Farm Animals and crops improved
crops and farm animal health greatly improved with

The progress is remarkable…

In the 100 years between 1890 and 1990, the amount of land required to yield 100 bushels of wheat decreased by 40%, from five to three acres. The amount of labour required for the harvest decreased by more than 90%.

But the gains in efficiency didn’t stop…

In just the 25 years since 1990, the land required to grow 100 bushels of wheat has dropped 57%, from three to 1.3 acres. And the amount of true hard labour required is approaching zero.  The farm of today is super-efficient. It’s running on sophisticated systems and machines, and growing “smart” crops.

And a company with some amazing developments to help farmers and ranchers is Healthy Farms.  Crops are still fighting pests and viruses a well as having to survive with less water.  “Inputs” to achieve a great crop is increasing in price, making a profit or non profit farm  less a difference.

The Healthy Farms Perfect Soil System substantially reduces inputs, grows stronger, healthier, more abundant crops that can withstand “shock” such as hotter days, drought conditions and onslaughts of pests.

Healthy Farms Manure Management System  (and the perfect Soil System) are 100% certified organic products that are the result of decades of research into chemistry and organic structures.  The Manure Management System  quickly turns manure into fertilizer, reducing heavy metals, eliminating harmful pathogens, eliminating  smells, flying pests and rodent infestations.

The Manure Management System also quickly cleans pig pen holding tanks, cleans settling ponds of sludge and harmful pathogens, and can remediate soil and water, removing heavy metals, pesticide and herbicide buildup and cleaning the farms and ranches in a very affordable way.



machine shop equipment in canada
old machine from metal forming in Canada

Heavy industry and small manufacturing facilities depend on Canada Machine Shops for metal fabrication.  Whether it is designing, boring, cutting, welding metal; with new generation machines, Canada Machine Shops are able to work within the tolerances specified. The best machine shops in your area can be found at Canada Machine Shops.








Anti-Slip Floors     Many commercial building and small businesses such as restaurants have liability issues because of a slip fall accident from a wet floor.  Some liability insurances have not been renewed because of frequent payouts because of these issues.  There are three companies that use a proprietary system to make slippery or greasy tile floors anti-slip.  Non slip floors have been tried, with tacky soap, coatings on the tiles, gritty strips laid upon the tile floors – none of which are effective.  The three companies use a product that make tile floors safe to walk on by creating micro grooves into the tile.  It doesn’t hurt the tile, but create grooves, much like the grooves on a car tire, enabling the liquid (water, grease) to dissipate from underfoot so there is no hydroplaning.  The three companies are:,, and  Their websites give a wealth of information on liability legislation, court decisions, accident statistics and death statistics.  Slip fall accidents are a serious business.



latex mattress production
making latex mattresses

A good sleep starts with the overlooked mattress.  There are four general spring systems, with different foams on top to give a different feel.  As well, there are various types of foam mattresses, including memory foam.  And then there are the more specialized mattresses such as water beds, air mattresses, futons and more.  Each has a different feel and a different “story” to tell the difference (is there any difference?) between the mattresses.  But all testing and public responses point to latex mattresses as being the best for a good sleep. There are different latex mattresses – dunlop, talalay, hybrids of the two, some with latex on top and foam support underneath, organic, certified organic…  A good source to find the best latex mattress for you and whether you should even have one can be found here.



convert food waste to water
Organics in a landfill

Organic (food) waste is a big problem in cities.  It takes up as much as 75% of land fill volume, and creates problems with pests, rodents and noxious smells.  Many municipalities are trying to divert organic waste from the land fills – fertilizer production (and capture methane gas for energy), incineration, shipping outside the immediate area, to name a few ways.  Removing organic waste is expensive for businesses and municipalities.  A new system takes the organic waste disposal in a new direction.  Eat Waste systems can be integrated into commercial kitchens (restaurants, food processing plants, hotels).  The system effectively eats the food waste and turns it into water within 24 hours.   The system has been tested and is compliant with municipal waste water regulations.  The cost saving is substantial for industry – less tippage and hauling fees, better use of manpower, no fines or complaints because of odour issues.  The Eat Waste system removes smells, flying pests, rodent infestation, increases manpower allocation (no walking heavy bins to the dumpster, no smoke breaks, no WCB claims because of muscle strain, no costs for garbage bags.  This organic waste removal system is much more cost effective than current methods of disposal.

Most people don’t know how to make their money work for them.  Qualified financial planners can help a young family be financially secure, help pensioners make the most of the RRSPs or annuities and investments or help a business with business succession or group benefits.  Life insurance takes away the stress of providing for the family if something happens.  Life insurance also helps estates with taxes and capital gains. Mortgages can be tricky – there is more to a mortgage than just the rate.  A qualified financial planner can help.

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